Latest textmate changed the CMD+T dialog to a 'view based' list 

I'd really love a slightly more compact view personally (smaller icon size) but I'm gradually getting accustomed to it

One thing I've noticed is the list selection resets sometimes while the list is filling..

1) Type a substring which matches lots of entries
2) TM auto selects the first entry as expected
3) Now arrow down to the next item in the list

Now, if the search is still chugging away, as soon as it finds a new entry, the new match is appended to the list, but this also resets the selection to the top item

The net result is that quite often I am typing a filename, arrow down, and in between that and hitting enter, its very quickly reselecting the first item, and Im opening the file I didn't intend to.

I'm hoping this is something you can reproduce and fix please?