On 5 Oct 2018, at 2:05, jason wrote:

Are people using TextMate with Dark Mode? I see some issues with reading
text (find input text is black until unfocused, then changes to white), but
also curiously the icons in the outline view are also missing.

I pushed a quick fix for the find dialog strings: https://github.com/textmate/textmate/commit/cae5eff55cd31788ab53bf2e84e65d75cdc21f80

Colors will still be wrong if you enable regular expression, you can set the theme used (for syntax highlight of find/replace strings) via the UIThemeUUID defaults key (requires relaunch after changing it) but it will currently render the theme’s background color, so this is not ideal and will require a bit more work.

The file icons are done with an NSImage subclass (this is required so we get proper behavior for retina screens etc.) and will likely have to be rewritten using new API to work with Mojave (I have no idea why our subclass breaks when building with the 10.14 SDK but NSImage is a bit iffy and if they have completely rewritten the internals for Mojave then I believe it wouldn’t be a first).

For the rest of the colors (gradients, find result highlights, etc.) we will need to move to asset catalogs, but I am in a bit of a pickle because I can’t do deployment builds with newer versions of Xcode, as they are prone to crash (numerous hours have been spent trying to track it down, but it relates to internal garbage collection of the NSOutlineView, so quite difficult to get any meaningful information from the crash logs), and colors in asset catalogs is not possible with the version of Xcode I am using.