On 25 Feb 2021, at 19:38, Allan Odgaard via TextMate wrote:

Is this also macOS 11.2?

Yes, 11.2.1. Suffice to say I regret updating quite profoundly; it's a pretty terrible OS, and that's after having tolerated Catalina for a year :-(

If there is an OS behaviour change, it's presumably down to the cascade of events from one child of a parent window to another, when one of them doesn't handle a key press. There may now be a new distinction, or API change in the handling of a distinction between "consumed but not used" rather than just "ignored", with Cmd+Z at the end of the undo buffer needing to the former.

Worst-case, it's just yet another new OS bug in apparently otherwise-unchanged functionality. If so it'll probably never be fixed and best we might hope for would be figuring out a viable work-around.

This will happen when “undo” (in the file browser) undos “New File”: But I should imrove that, so that if content has been added to the file, that content should go to the trash and not be lost forever.

For a short term patch release in the near future that would definitely help a lot, lessening the impact of this "fall through" behaviour with Cmd+Z although not solving it.

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