On 16 Oct 2016, at 20:33, Stefan Daschek wrote:

Are you saying that the file does get selected, but the file browser
fails to scroll the selected row into the visible rect?

Yes, that happens for me also, from time to time. I have the impression that it tends to occur after I’ve been using TextMate for quite some time. Starts to work again correctly if I restart TextMate.

Another old thread, but I believe this issue to be fixed in rc.14.

While I didn’t find the problem, the file browser has been rewritten with a different approach to how we deal with asynchronously providing content for the NSOutlineView, as the previous approach seemed to have several issues: Another one was that creating new files/folders (or duplicating items) wouldn’t always bring up the field editor.

And in general, the rewritten file browser should have less latency and more browser updates are animated.