On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 7:58 AM, Josh Bernitt <jjbernitt@gmail.com> wrote:
Is that in addition to hitting ⌘F? I can do ⌘E ⌘F and that uses my selection for Find. I was thinking of bypassing the manual choice entirely and always using the highlighted portion of text as the Find value. It’s how Sublime Text, Atom, and IntelliJ all work, but perhaps that’s not the best then? All those other editors are not native Mac apps, so maybe if I try to bypass the ⌘E, that will detract from the native experience and choice. I had not considered that at all. Thoughts?

​I would prefer to keep it as is.  This change would also be awkward with the ​"Find in Selection" feature which I find is quite useful.