On 4 Jan 2020, at 11:23, Matt Neuburg wrote:

When I say (in ruby)

`"#{ENV['TM_SUPPORT_PATH']}/bin/mate" '#{p}'`

where p is the pathname of a folder, what appears in the project browser is that folder plus (hierarchically down from it) all its contents.

But when I open a folder using TextMate, directly, what appears in the project browser is just the contents of the folder; the folder itself is not in the project browser.

How can I make the former (`mate`) behave like the latter (TextMate itself)?

I think what is happening here is that at one point, you opened folder and then navigated to parent folder (in file browser) and closed the window.

The problem is that TextMate stores “state” for each folder, this includes file browser location.

So now when you open folder it restores the state, where file browser is actually pointing to a parent folder.

I realize in this situation, it will be confusing, and should improve this.

For now, try open your folder via mate and then select File Browser → Project Folder (⇧⌘P). Does that bring you back to the expected folder?

If you close window and re-run mate, I think it should then behave as expected.