On 16 May 2020, at 03:07, Allan Odgaard <mailinglist@textmate.org> wrote:
For keyboard shortcuts though, I think the aim should be to have them present somewhere, not as “tips”

There’s some blank space to the right of the "options” block of the ⇧⌘F window. Could append the key to the label:
Regular Expression (⌥⌘R) Ignore Whitespace
Ignore Case             (⌥⌘C)   Wrap around (⌥⌘A)

(but honestly, a tool-tip is the way to go: the user never accidentally hovers over buttons, and hover-to-learn is instantly memorable without cluttering the display)

For example if you open the pop-up menus in the Find window, you see several convenient keys, like the “in” pop-up menu show ⌘F / ⇧⌘F to toggle between document/folder search, ⌘[ for [back in] “recent places”, ⌘↑ for “enclosing folder”, and the action pop-up show ⌥⌘1 to collapse/expand all results (same shortcut as collapsing foldings), ⌘1-⌘n to jump to the n’th file in folder search results, and the Edit → Find menu show the keys for toggling find options, and ⌥⌘F for “Find All” (using that with a document search will show all results in the find dialog’s list view).

All that information would fit nicely in a “tips" file, which could be added as a 4th column in the "Textmate:About Textmate” window. If it was a git markdown file, it could also be maintained/updated by users.

Though currently there is still lack of discoverability in how to use some of the features, for example the “Copy Matching Parts” can be extremely useful, but I reckon many users are probably unaware of it, and doing regular expression searches allow some pretty powerful replacements with TextMate’s replacement format string (which allow substitutions in matched parts), or when it is useful to use ⌘E with multiple selections before doing a search, etc.

But for this, I think we need screencasts to show workflows, not just put up a tip.

Agreed: Those are complex ideas and a screencast would be great!… I’ve been intrigued reading these options, but saw no way to discover they are or how they would be useful. Perhaps offer a $100 prize for the best screencast uploaded to youtube or similar, and using everything in the find window, inc. arcana like "Copy matching Parts” etc. If one is shy: screencasts with sub titles work nicely and don’t require voice over/synching.

So what I have been thinking about is to re-introduce the tip of the day, but with embedded videos.
Feels like two projects here, One “perfect" (textmate video channel with 100s of items) the other merely useful (4th column called “tips” after the About, Changes, Bundles tabs in the about box which shows up on each new beta.)

On that note, while I have never been satisfied with the bundle editor of TextMate 2, it has recently become obvious to me that it affects my own motivation to fix/improve bundle items: This definitely needs to improve.

Three cheers! LOVE to see this happen! Even the ability to drag items instead of editing UUIDs in plists would be massive!

PS: using the cmd-[ shortcut in the find dialog > 20 times a day! big time saver.