On 27 Nov 2016, at 21:35, Bert Zangle wrote:

The delays seems to be getting more frequent. Doesn't happen outside of TM,
so I don't think it's a system-wide problem.

My best guess right now is that either it's related to some regexes (as
described above), or it's some other TM performance problem.

I doubt it is related to regular expressions in your custom grammar, as these run in a separate thread.

It could either be that you have a command running “on document changes” or possibly that you are out of memory and the delays are causing by swapping memory out to disk.

When a delay happens you can run sample TextMate 1 in a terminal to see what TextMate is doing.

You may want to make an alias or bind this to a hotkey, so that you can do it the instant you noticed that TextMate stalls.

You can also try to (install and then) run pstree when it is stalling to see if there is any subprocess being run by TextMate.