On 24 Aug 2016, at 23:13, Carpii UK wrote:

TextMate reporting “Atomic Saving Failed” is a bit of a misnomer.

In current HEAD I improved this so now you see the actual issue (rather than having to read that in the console).

Thanks, I'm right in thinking ./Frameworks/file/src/save.cc is the place I
should be looking to make this change?

This is probably what you want to change: https://github.com/textmate/textmate/blob/master/Frameworks/io/src/intermediate.h

This abstracts away “atomic saving” and you could replace it with something that is basically a no-op, e.g.:

struct PUBLIC intermediate_t
    intermediate_t (std::string const& dest) : _path(dst) { }

    operator std::string const& () const { return _path; }
    operator char const* () const        { return _path.c_str(); }
    bool commit () const                 { return true; }

    std::string _path;

Then just delete the intermediate.cc file and you have “unsafe saving” that just overwrites the file in place.

But don’t blame me if you experience data loss!