love textmate, it's always lacked in CVS support, you add features that are the easiest to add like subversion or other weird libraries. But not the ONE thing that is a show stopper for almost everyone. Every office USES CVS? Why can't this be the #1 priority of textmate? Textmate as an editor is nothing without CVS support. I hate having to use BBedit, to browse CVS, or textwrangler, then switching back to textmate.

The one and only thing the developers should focus on right now is. CONNECTIVITY.
who agrees with me? we your customers want CVS support, and SFTP, FTP, and networked support, and not through some third party client. You want to make textmate the worlds best editor? Add in features that crappy clients like eclipse or zend developer environment have, that let you browse and commit to the CVS trunk, and roll back.

Anyone who wants, and thinks this is the most important feature of textmate (aside from being a text editor) please comment and show your support. I'm personally willing to donate an extra $500 for seemless CVS intergration, not that crappy bundle that's going around.

As a user interface designer, I could even help you design the sidebar for browsing CVS, subversion, and feature sets. But everyone is EDITING files online, it shouldn't be hard to intergrate, there are SO many free libraries for unix that you can use!!! especially for the sftp, and so forth, you don't have to re-invent the wheel.


Best Regards your loyal customer,

court kizer