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Hi all,

Does Textmate provide any auto-completion capabilities? (like RadRails is starting to).   If not are there plans to?

 I mean those features like:
* type the first few characters of a local/instance variable name then hit hot key combination and suggestions for current variables that match this a presented to you,  
* type a variable name then "." and get suggestions of available methods (a bit more interesting I know for a language like ruby)


Yes, and no.

If you have the latest cutting-edge release of TextMate then you'll have access to what little codecompletion we have in there already.
But, personally, what we have at the moment is pitiful compared to most cocoa apps like CSSEdit and xCode.
When in a Ruby, HTML or CSS scope, hit option escape to complete the current word.
I wrote a ruby class for handling code completion. JEG2 added rcode tools to ruby for doing intelligent completions.

The code completions in CSS & HTML are mostly just a static list. Depending on where your curser is in CSS determines what list it uses to complete. The main completion for CSS also parses your document and gives you a list of the IDs and classes you've already used, but that part is still kindof rather buggy.

If you get the Experimental bundle there is also English Word completion and filename/path completion.

All of them are bound to option-escape.

I just downloaded RadRails. It looks pretty hip (all expect the text editor part :P )

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