hello rené,

thank you for taking care of this!! your quick response is most appreciated. maybe, a short follow-up question/comment. I dont have much of an IT background, so my questions might be naïve.

anyhow: A commit is basically a change that will be "taken over" into my LaTeX bundle with some kind of update that runs in the background? It dont know how to trigger that update manually.

I was curious to find out if/how it works. so, I did the following: I opened the latex.tm.preferences file in a text editor and manually changed what I could see on the github site. I am aware that this is not the proper procedure, but like I said, I was curious. I saved the file and reopened textmate. The problem now is that all folding markers are gone. :-/ so, that didnt fix it for me. I don't whether that is due to your changes or my manual editing of the pref file. I undid my changes again and saved the file. so everything is back to "normal", i.e.: no folding markers for sections which contain another latex command.


Am 29.03.2015 17:16 schrieb René Schwaiger:

Hi Christian,
On 29 Mar 2015, at 16:10 , chrd <chrd@posteo.de> wrote: hello, I am new here. I have noticed a problem in the folding mechanism of code when using the LaTeX-bundle in textmate (version: TextMate version 2.0-beta.7.1 ). I use textmate only for writing LaTeX documents. so, I have now idea if this is caused by textmate or specifically by the latex-bundle. most \section{} or \subsection{} commands are "foldable", i.e. the little triangle symbol appears next to the line number. however, the triangle disappears when I include another command in the same line. this happens for example, when the section heading contains italics. \section{heading of this section} --> this will produce foldable code. \section{heading of \textit{this} section} --> this will fail to produce foldable code. I would like to ask if this is a known problem and if anyone has a solution to this?
it is now :). Commit e9bdf04e should fix this bug [1]. 

[1]: https://github.com/textmate/latex.tmbundle/commit/e9bdf04e
thank you in advance, christian
Thanks for the bug report,

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