For now I will do as you suggested and disable it while I wait for the forthcoming scope injection you spoke of.

Thanks for the help!

Philip Plante

On Apr 30, 2007, at 9:01 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

On 1. May 2007, at 01:47, Philip Plante wrote:

The reason I do this is because previously Textmate would turn off syntax highlighting for anything between {literal} and {/literal}.  So I found that if you wrapped it in comments then it canceled out.  But now that this new update has come out it has changed that behavior again.

Make sense?

So the real problem is with the {literal} rule in the HTML grammar.

What you can do is go to the HTML grammar in the bundle editor, locate this rule, and insert ‘disabled = 1;’. Then you won’t need to put comments around {literal} in your source.

What you really want though (I think) is probably for this rule to include the HTML grammar (between {literal}…{/literal}) *except* for the Smarty part of it (since we only want to disable Smarty in such block) -- this is easy with the forthcoming scope injection, but presently a pain to do (we’d have to restructure things, and it is made further complicated by Smarty not being a grammar which we have enabled by default)…

If there are any Smarty users which have suggestions as what to do with the {literal} rule “out of the box”, I am all ear.

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