I've used Whitesmith bracing style for *decades*, and had it kinda-sorta working in TM 1.5.x, though not perfectly.  Now I've lost those old settings and for the life of me can't figure out how to get it even close in 2.0.  There's clearly something fundamental that I'm missing, but I've spent hours on this off and on over the past few months, and I'm guessing that someone who really understands the rules (and regex) better than I, could get me on the right path in short order.  I'd definitely appreciate it.

For those (unfortunate souls) who are not familiar with Whitesmith:

Also, just as a general suggestion, it seems like it would be really helpful to have just a handful of "packaged" example indentation rules for the small handful of  common bracing styles, i.e. Allman, K&R, Whitesmith, maybe Gnu.  Of course it wouldn't be perfect for everyone, but it could be really helpful as a starting point.  If you know of such a set of examples, please point me to them (yes, I've looked).  Thanks!