Thanks Allan

It's not a virtual filesystem I'm using, so much as a mounted volume (smb, running on vmware esxi)

I upgraded to Sierra a couple of weeks ago, and Ive just realised I've not noticed any TM issues since then.
I'm hopeful all of the issues I've been facing recently (atomic save conflicts, wrong files opening from Quick Open etc) were due to samba incompatibilities or bugs in my earlier OSX


On 5 March 2017 at 04:05, Allan Odgaard <> wrote:

On 9 Feb 2017, at 4:16, Carpii UK wrote:

I'm hoping a TM dev could point me in the right direction of where TM's
inode caching takes place please?

I'm struggling to find it, but I think it might be one of the sources of my
issues using TM on a mounted remote filesystem

There isn’t any inode caching per se, however, when opening a file, TextMate will check if you already have that file open, and this check does involve looking at inodes.

So a possible explanation for your issue could be that your virtual file system reuses inodes, and that you open a file that uses an inode of something you previously opened (but which had a different path), and is still open somehow, e.g. in a background tab.

Perhaps you can ask the creators of the virtual file system that you are using, how they deal with inodes, i.e. if there is a high chance of inode re-use. If they say no, my theory is invalid, but if they say yes, then perhaps there is something to it.

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