Dog leave a puddle of sick in your living room?   Wouldn't have
happened if you had TM2. 
I think the developer is doing you all a favor!
Yea, well, you didn't have to clean it up!  Allen, please take pity on my beloved poodle Jericho and her IBS.  I think even a short update with maybe a thumbs up / thumbs down about how it's going would quell her digestive issues and get her appetite back.  She's been coding and utilizing TextMate so much she can't get the thought of all those juicy new feature out of her mind.  She barely even finishes both of her chili dogs anymore.  Heartbreaking.

Although I'm starting to think he has his spam filter set to exclude 'textmate 2' and 'tm2' automatically.... ;)

OK I've got a question, is there any way I can temporarily disable or toggle auto-pairing of quotes (& etc) with a hot key?  Sometimes I just want a single quote (etc) somewhere and it can get annoying to delete the paired character each time.  

Also, is TmCodeBrowser 1.11 the latest in "Show Classes, Functions, etc in a Tree Panel" technology we have right now?  I would like something that shows more information (variables in functions, entire struct definitions), and can show/hide info without the mouse hovering over it (hate the mouse).  If not I'll take a crack at patching up TmCodeBrowser into a 'good enough' solution until TextMate 2 arrives to make us muscular without exercise, gives our cars an extra 5 mpg (or kpl as it may be) in the city, and stops Jericho from ruining all my fancy Ikea rugs.