On 3 Nov 2016, at 14:02, George McGinley Smith wrote:

I'd love it if I could make the path/to/project use the

You can, though the variable is projectDirectory and you must use the ${variable} syntax when putting variables (for TextMate to expand) inside of regular expressions.

So this should work:

windowTitle = '${TM_DIRECTORY:+${TM_DIRECTORY/^${projectDirectory}(?:\/(.+))?/${1:+$1/}/}}$TM_DISPLAYNAME'

I added logic to only add path-separator (/) when there is more to TM_DIRECTORY than just the project directory.

You can use $windowTitleSCM as suffix for the above window title to get SCM info added (when present).

For the records, this is the default window title and related variables that can be re-used in custom window titles:

windowTitleSCM     = '${TM_SCM_BRANCH:+ ($TM_SCM_NAME: $TM_SCM_BRANCH)}'
windowTitleProject = '${projectDirectory:+ — ${projectDirectory/^.*\///}}'
windowTitle        = '$TM_DISPLAYNAME$windowTitleProject$windowTitleSCM'