Thank you. Now makes sense why they aren’t consistently created. Sometimes I do edit with files on my hard drive and then sync them to the flash card. (I had started to edit on the card to avoid the added step of ensuring syncing).

I’ll think about revising my workflow, particularly since others have to look at my flash drive from time to time. I’m still adjusting to working on Windows and some other complications of the project.


I think the the technical term is "AppleDouble" files.

They get created anywhere the underlying filesystem doesn't provide resource forks, or extended attributes (which is mostly anything not HFS+). Since TextMate uses those extended attributes to stash some relevant (like the cursor location), this causes them to appear more frequently.

If you're using git, you should definitely setup a global exclude file with a few of those macOS-specific patterns. See for some helpful ones.

Another way would be to edit your project on an HFS+ drive* ? you'll get those pesky .DS_Store anyway, but at least the ._ files shouldn't appear.
* I'm only suspecting you do, since AppleDouble files are unneeded on HFS+.

Etienne Samson
TextMate is using extended attributes, which were introduced in 10.4 (I think) and which are also stored in doubles on filesystems that don't support them natively.