On 19 Aug 2019, at 3:06, Jay Soffian wrote:

Bump. Allan, any ideas here?

I have added even more debug output into rc.30 available by option-clicking Check Now in software update.

Unfortunately the previous debug output was not enough to give me any idea of what goes on; was therefore waiting for a second person to provide logging output, I got this today via IRC, and for this person, it is also stalling basically when creating the window, so now I littered the setup code with log statements.

For those with the issue, in addition to capturing the log, it would also be useful to create an alias in your shell a la:

alias s='sample TextMate 3'

Then when you realize it is stalling, immediately create new tab in terminal (⌘T) and run s to sample the process.

It is very likely some system code that is failing to obtain a spinlock with a 10s timeout, a sample should make this immediately obvious, where log statements added by me may take a while to pinpoint what exactly is triggering it (and pinpointing alone may not explain why, here a stack trace from sample would be a lot more useful).