Haris - Thanks, using the "Status" command was ok for a work around.

Allan - I've tried this but after selecting all I get the following (see below), so the question then was how to identify any files in the project that require versioning and arranging for them to be added prior to the commit.  I'm still interested in a combining feature that allows me to both ADD and COMMIT in one hit however (like I had on Windows with Tortoise)

svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: '/Users/greg/source/topdonator/doc/testonly.rb' is not under version control

svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: '/Users/greg/source/topdonator/doc/testonly.rb' is not under version control

On 2/18/07, Allan Odgaard < throw-away-1@macromates.com> wrote:
On 18. Feb 2007, at 05:51, Greg Hauptmann wrote:

> Using textmate SVN I can't really see how to easily perform a
> project wide commit that including picking up any new files which
> were created (e.g. from generator) so they are (a) included as
> files to be versioned and (b) then committed as they'll be in the
> commit list?
> Any suggestions?  (don't want to have to manually work out which
> files aren't in scope for versioning and add them one-by-one).

Try select the containing folder (for your project) and then
Subversion → Commit.

Files which are not added (and not ignored) should show up with a
question mark, and the button in the right-most column should allow
you to add it (before you continue with the commit).

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