I am a click happy person for some reason. I am trying to fix this. I see my bartender 3 times a week trying to fix my double click propensities. It hasn't worked yet, but I have hope. 

If I double click in column view on the file open dialog it opens the folder in textMate. I know better, I do, but in detail view or icon view, I have to double click in order to go to the next level. When you doubleclick on the root directory of the 100 Gb partition (how in the hell it is that I can fill up 100Gb of disk is something I don't want to reveal to my bartender / shrink). 

It occurs to me that one could stick a check on the front of the open routine. Run du on the folder and alert the user to his impending doom if he proceeds. 

This feature is strictly for boneheads like me who can't seem to get their double clicks under control. 

Part of me doesn't want it to be implemented, because the best way to train me to not do this is to have the negative feedback of my textMate locking up, but I also feel obliged to at least suggest it. 

Brad Tittle
Tech Support