Hi Allan & everyone,

I just made an effort to work with TM2 over the past few days, and love many aspects of TM2, but I am just not happy with the design and functionality of the File Browser in TM2.

So could someone please clue me (us) in about the plans for the TM2 file browser.

1) Is it / Will it be possible for users to change the background colour of the file browser?

I'm using "Pastels on Dark" theme, and the file browser pane is a bright distraction for the eyes.

2)  Why have some of the core functionality of the file browser (project drawer) changed so much between TM1.5 and TM2?

  a)  Why do we need to double-click on the file name to open the file, but can single-click on the tiny icon?  

  b)  Is this by design or a temporary bug that will be fixed some day?

  c)  Why have the "Create New File" functionality been removed from TM2? 

  d)  Is this by design or another temporary issue that will be fixed some day?
  e)  Also, why does TM2 not remember the previously saved file name and format like TM1.5 does?

I love the SCM integration in the file browser, but other than that the TM1.5 file browser was much better! 

By the way, I really like the newly designed "update window change log" I just saw after updating TM2 this morning.

Kind regards,