On Jun 26, 2021, at 4:44 PM, Tim Bates via TextMate <textmate@lists.macromates.com> wrote:

Montery/MacOS12 no longer includes php and this breaks some bundle commands.

Does the group have suggestions about a preferred way for a user who just wants it to work without hassles to use going forward?

Did a quick triage of all the the bundles and found that this will affect 13 bundles, three being directly PHP related. Installing PHP will be the course of action for the cases where PHP is strictly required, will look at removing the dependance where possible in the other bundles though.

(Currently affected bundles: bulletin-board, graphviz, html, javascript-yui, less, mediawiki, mx, ocaml, openmx, php, php-drupal, php-symfony, wikidot)


Michael Sheets