On 10/25/07, Christoph Eyrich <ceyrich@gmx.net> wrote:

On Oct 24, 2007, at 8:00 PM, Brad Miller wrote:

> I committed a change to the subversion repository that fixes the
> problem for Haris.  I have not been able to reproduce the problem
> you reported on my machine at all.

hi brad,

i updated to 8334 but the problem isn't gone (i'm using skim instead
of texniscope). however, i'm not quite sure if we were talking about
the same problem:

the preview window used to get raised to the front if there were no
problems. otherwise the log window would stay in the frontmost
position. currently, skim gets raised if there are windows in front
of skim itself but it never gets raised to the frontmost position,
that is, the log window still stays in front of it.

changing the preferences in the typeset & view window, that is,
removing the tick in front of "Keep log window open" raises skim to
the top position.

reverting to the 8128 version of texMate.py as you suggested in your
email of october 23 doesn't change the situation.


Thanks for clarifying.  Unfortunately I get the behavior you describe as correct.  With the keep log window open option checked, Skim is raised to the front most position after a successful typesetting run.

I'm certainly no Applescript expert so its possible that something subtle has escaped my attention.

What version of Skim do you have?  What about OS X?


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