I will, if it works ill not just keep it internal but release it to the world, i find myself in a constant battle against developers especially in my team to keep the straight and narrow, being a standards zealot i find myself constantly screaming at people for not doing things the right way or simply copying bits from one website or anouther.  Infact it drives me mad the way that people feel the need to rewrite the xhtml and basic css each time as i know they've done it before let alone myself, this is the case when it comes to news engines and all sorts of ecommerce apps that we write.

The idea is that they start a project and run this baby and it starts spitting out a site skeleton with some basic set of tick boxes of requirements, i figured it wont take me long to write a modular script that can pull in bits and bobs of script to mashup together a basic site so thats the plan.  I was thinking when its all done to release it to the world in a sort of php/textmate developers guide to heaven.  So people can publish there modules and people can simply use them as bits to slot in.  I know this isn't the place to gather interest but none-the-less it seems the place to have a good rant.


Rather than just tell me the syntax if you could point me along to the js file that the object is based on or the docs or if failing that just tell me the command, that be great!

Thanks lots!

On 20 Apr 2007, at 22:09, Thomas Aylott (subtleGradient) wrote:

On Apr 20, 2007, at 5:03 PM, Lawrence Curtis wrote:
However if there is some way of just grabbing a remote file straight into a project

TextMate HTML output windows are capable of running shell command on your machine through javascript.
If you have a url with files to download, you can use javascript to call a shell script on the TextMate users machine that will download the file and load them up in TextMate and do whatever else you want.

You could even have the script recreated each time you view that page via the same technique so you'd have the whole thing centralized and auto-updating.

that's a really cool idea you have there, do share your results if you can.

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