On 2012-08-27 08:10, Allan Odgaard wrote:
The request is to show the outcome from the above in the title bar. Why?

There should be little reason to second guess 1-3. Item 4 is 100% under the user’s control, require explicit action to setup, and he can inspect it. Item 5 will visually open a list of encodings and ask the user to check one.

My only experience is dealing with different line ending conventions, but sometimes it's nice to know what the editor's guess was.  Even when it's correct I've found it nice to know that a file had CRLF vs LF line endings.  Maybe especially when the editor's guess is correct.  "Now why the heck is the compiler choking on that file? It looks perfectly fine to me... Oh, crap, someone saved it with CRLF newlines." (*)

Anyway, just a way I've used the information in other editors. Yes, there are other ways to get it, but having it in the status bar or some such can be convenient. It's not something that comes up often enough these days for me to worry about, but I can see where a more heterogeneous shop might often deal with different endings and encodings.

(*)Yes, ideally the compiler would give a better error. In practice, though, tools which can recognize different line endings tend to handle them gracefully. The ones which can't tend to throw generic syntax errors whenever the input file isn't perfectly well-formed.

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