This is very strange. I recently lost the Next Completion (esc) and Incremental Search (ctrl+s) keybindings in TextMate. Lost as in nothing happens when typing them. I recently updated to bleeding edge, i.e. 1.5.7 (1474). I can see the bindings in KeyBindings.dict in TextMate.app, but maybe the file is corrupt somehow. Adding the non-functional bindings to a local KeyBindings.dict in Application Support/TextMate makes them work again. Am I the only one with this problem?

For me the Next Completion (esc) and Incremental Search (ctrl+s) keybindings are working, but accessing the Show bundle items menu by pressing ctrl+esc no longer works. Don't know if there are any more keybindings not working. The only thing which might have caused this is a SVN checkout of the official repository and installing the GetBundles bundle.