For what it is worth. I had somewhat similar problems. Tried everything, nothing worked. In the end - clean install, problem solved. Obviously something had been corrupted along the way.

Anyway, a possible solution if Allan's suggestions don't help,

Kind Regards,

Mark P

On 27/08/07, Allan Odgaard <> wrote:
On Aug 24, 2007, at 5:07 AM, Tim Mansour wrote:

> [...]
> An example: one file has 1 FIXME comment and 2 CHANGED comments.
> When I try Ctrl-Shift-T, I get the TODO window which lists 1 FIXME
> and only the 1st CHANGED, and each of those seems to contain
> everything from the comment line to the end of the document.

Is the file saved with LF for line endings?

Is it reproducible if you create a new file and make 2 CHANGED items?

Did you change the pattern used for CHANGED via TODO -> Preferences?
Try e.g. from Terminal: defaults read com.macromates.textmate|grep TODO

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