On 10 Nov 2018, at 17:46, Nigel Chapman wrote:

SCM button is a no-op, and so is the menu command.

There are no git sub-modules in this project, the only funny thing about it is that it is on the icloud drive,

Did it work prior to the file browser update?

Also, where is this project on disk? Are you using mate /path/to/project to open it? Or possibly the file browser’s “Go to Folder…”.

I added a git repository for an iCloud container, and that worked for me. But actually navigating to the container in TextMate was a bit of a challenge, as iCloud is not shown as a volume, and selecting iCloud via “Go to Folder…” doesn’t actually list all containers, as they appear to not be in a central location: Though I was unable to find any developer documentation about how I could add proper iCloud support to the file browser. The only thingI found was about accessing my own application’s container.