Nice to see Touch Bar improvements: Thank you!

Be nice if the "open recent project" touch bar button _closed_ this window if touched while window is already open.

Can touch bar icons respond to which window is  frontmost?

If so, it would be helpful when the Find window is frontmost, to have
1. A touch icon for the "regex" check box (what is the short cut for that?)
2. Tie the “<" and “>" touch icons to window "previous" and "next"  buttons.

Having a touch icon to select surrounding braces {} for selecting surrounding braces would be useful.

Having touch icons for "the Ts"  would be helpful: 
1. a touch bar icon ("fun”?) for  cmd-cntr-T ("Select bundle item")
2. a touch bar icon "TODO" for cntrl-shift-T (TODO list)
3. a touch bar icon "symbol" for cmd-shift-T (symbol jump)

Best, tim

On 18 Aug 2019, at 16:49, Ronald Wampler <> wrote:

On Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 6:14 PM Curt Sellmer <> wrote:

I have been playing with the touchbar support in texmate and have noticed the following.

If I set bookmarks in my document the touchbar buttons with up/down chevrons will correctly take me to the previous or next bookmark respectively.

However, if I make a change to the document and save it.  I now get a change marker showing that it is different than what is in the git repository. That is to be expected.

But now the up/down buttons on the touchbar stop at all of the git markers as well as the bookmarks.  Is this by design?

Yeah, I wanted to make it easier to navigate other marks (not necessary
the git markers) without adding yet another up/down arrows button in the Touch
Bar. But, I agree it probably should have been just to navigate the bookmarks.
I'll submit a PR to change the behavior.

It makes jumping back and forth between a couple of bookmarks painful if there are a lot of edits in the file.

I can still hold down the fn button and use F2/Shift F2 to achieve this, but that sort of defeats the purpose of having the nifty touch bar buttons.

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