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You really think I'm going to convince entire fortune 500 companies to just switch to subversion? Why not implement cvs? My guess is the reason subversion support sprung up so fast was because it was easier to code. More companies use CVS. Yes, subversion is much nicer, however when dealing with 99% of the companies (if you consult) you will be using a CVS server. Rather than changing every existing company over to subversion, why not support something that is already the standard for version control? That's like saying Mozilla Firefox is superior to Internet Explorer and I should just force every company I consult for, and all their client base to switch to Firefox. It won't work like that. I like subversion too, but in consulting with hundreds of companies I've only found one that actually used subversion.

I agree with you that we live in a world of reality, not ideal.
Ideally, everyone would switch to Macs and use FireFox.
Ideally, everyone would switch to Subversion or Mercurial.
Ideally, TextMate should have perfect support for all Subversion, CVS, Mercurial, etc...

Unfortunately, we have to deal with the cards we've been dealt.
If really good CVS support is so important to you, you only have a few options.

Allan isn't going to get to it any time soon, he's busy with other stuff. This point is not arguable.
Most†of the bundle creation guys create stuff for themselves and share it with the rest of us.†
We spend a lot of time and effort to create stuff because we want to. We don't get paid for this stuff.

If you want really good CVS support on the Mac you'll need to either create the bundle yourself, convince someone to do it for fun or hire someone to do it for you.

I think your chances of convincing someone to do it for free aren't too likely to succeed.
I can't do it for free or for pay since†I'm booked up for the new few months at least, and i would have absolutely no use for it.

If you really want to hire someone to do it, i'd suggest contacting people individually with a proposal. You might even want to have someone create a Mac based CVS app that isn't entirely†dependent on TextMate.

As I see it, those are your only options.

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