On 1 Nov 2018, at 17:26, Jacob Carlborg wrote:

I tried the new setting in tc.14. That’s not really the behavior I was looking for. Ideally I would like a set of hidden files to match when the “matching” field is set to “*”. What will happen is that sometimes I want to search in a limited set of files, then I change the “matching” field. Then I want to go back and search in all files, then I change the “matching” field to “*”, this is where I want some of the hidden files to be included. I don’t want to have to type out all of those hidden files every time do this. I know there’s a history, but contains a limited number of entries.

It sounds like you would like to define what * means so you can type * as shorthand for a predefined glob.

I think this is what is normally handled with history, which TextMate already supports.

I use history for find globs a lot myself, and have not found that commonly used patterns are pushed out, if that is really the case, perhaps a better solution is to make history items sticky or extend the list of kept globs.