So even after you disabled the support for mangled Windows 95 names, you are still seeing failure from atomic saving?

Unfortunately, yes. 

I was sure my Samba config changes had fixed the problem, but it was just a red herring
My changes don't seem to have fixed much at all, although when it does fail, acts a little differently to what it did before
I plan to try and branch TM to disable Atomic Saves for certain paths (like
I've dug through the source a little, but this change doesn't seem trivial,
so any gotcha's or pointers would be appreciated

TextMate reporting “Atomic Saving Failed” is a bit of a misnomer.

I think I described it earlier, that on a network file system it would create a new /path/to/file~ and then run mv /path/to/file~ /path/to/file.

So what you probably want is to instead open the original file directly and just overwrite it, so you are not disabling a feature, your changing the code (to be less safe).

Thanks, I'm right in thinking ./Frameworks/file/src/ is the place I should be looking to make this change?

I mentioned some tests in the thread about atomic saving, if it still fails for you, evne with the name mangling support disabled in SMB, it would be good to get the results from these tests, as then TextMate could maybe handle the issue better

Good point. I will re-run these tests
I think I provided the results from this before I made any smb changes, but I will try again now my SMB config is different

Thanks Allan, As I say, I'm sure it's not a TM problem so much as the environment Im using it in, So I do appreciate your continued advice :)