I see what you say, but I still feel differently, here is why:

I think that the untitled file would be acceptable for non-project dirs, but we have a case in which a dir is tagged as a project (projectDirectory = "$CWD"). At least for those dirs make sense to me that they are treated as projects. Also with "mate ~/some-dir/" I'm explicitly targeting some dir rather than opening TM from a location ("mate -d some_dir/").

Also the untitled document seems more appropriate when I use the mate command with no options (and we can set good defaults for that, as the "[ attr.untitled ] fileType = 'source.ruby'"). 
For other cases I usually know in advance both the filename (with its extension) and the location and I can type "mate lib/another_library.rb" directly (for the same reason I'm being slowed by the CMD+ALT+N CMD+S approach).

Of course the point is not a technical solution to support the emtpy/non-empty window (which is possible in both cases), but its sensible design.

My 2¢ :)
Happy weekend!


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On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 10:27 AM, Rolf Langenhuijzen <rolf.langenhuijzen@xs4all.nl> wrote:
I tend to agree and looked again at TM1. Indeed an untitled window would
be good as you described, you sort of can expect an untitled document that
would be saved to the (project) dir in the drawer by default when you save


> Hello...
> Is it possible your expectation is based on a perspective that you have
> a project document?
> We may see different things when looking at the same thing. :)
> So, if we approach it as a project window then it is reasonable that you
> expect to see project-window-like things.
> On the contrary, I see the object as an untitled window with a drawer
> that displays a file browser.
> My suggestion was designed to be consistent with the paradigm that Allan
> has already established.
> Please note that I am not debating the issue... :)
> I merely want to point out a detail... so as to be informative:
> What happens when the User invokes the following:
>  > mate dir
> where dir is a directory of files in the CWD.
> The result is an untitled document window with a drawer that displays a
> file browser.
> I was suggesting to simply go to that initial state.
> Happy Friday!
> AZ
> On 5/10/12 11:59 PM, Rolf Langenhuijzen wrote:
>> I agree, it just feels like what you expect.
>> If you want to go fancy and there's an internet connection then show
>> latest news or a feed from this list.
>> But an empty space.. ++
>> Elia Schito schreef op 2012-05-11 00:36:
>>> I /vote/ for the empty space, since it's the "project" that somehow
>>> is open and not a particular file.
>>> Opening an untitled doc again on the contrary feels a bit confusing
>>> to me.
>>> More a workaround than a solution…
>>> (for the nostalgic a giant TextMate icon is also acceptable)
>>> Elia
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