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Allan Odgaard wrote

This style can’t be expressed with the current classification patterns.

this has changed by now?

No, I don’t recall there having been made any changes to support https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indentation_style#Whitesmiths_style

b) Whitesmith-style can't be (roughly) expressed by just increasing indent
after a line finishes with ')' instead of '{', '}' or ';' and decreasing it
after a line with a lone '}'? It doesn't need to be 100% accurate, a crude
approximation for not having to type every single indent would be good
enough for me...

You can make it increase indent after ) (or maybe just lines not ending with ; or braces), but the decrease indent pattern includes current line, so that would fail.

There would also be an issue with single line if, for, and while statements.

With the above, you end up with patterns like this:

{    increaseIndentPattern = '(?x)
        (?! .* [;:{},] \s*                  # do not indent when line ends with ;, :, {, }, or comma
            ( // .* | /[*] .* [*]/ \s* )? $ #  …account for potential trailing comment
        |   @(public|private|protected)     # do not indent after obj-c data access keywords
        .                                  # the negative look-ahead above means we don’t care about what we match here
    decreaseIndentPattern = '(?x)
    indentNextLinePattern = '(?x)^
    unIndentedLinePattern = '^\s*((/\*|\*/|//|template\b.*?>(?!\(.*\))|@protocol|@optional|@interface(?!.*\{)|@implementation|@end).*)?$';
    zeroIndentPattern = '^\s*#';

I just disabled decreaseIndentPattern and indentNextLinePattern, plus made increaseIndentPattern use the pattern from the previous indentNextLinePattern pattern.

Additionally you would have to edit the Return Inside Empty Item snippet in the source bundle. This triggers when you press return with insertion point between two braces, i.e. {‸} — adding - source.c to the scope selector should disable that for C.

Still, you may see TextMate’s indent corrector sometimes changing the indent of the current line, because the patterns does not correctly express how source should be indented.

The latter can be disabled by setting disableIndentCorrections = :true; for source.c.