hi all.

sorry for being so quiet for a long time. i had so much work on my day-to-day business (and still have) PLUS i made the decision not to release a beta without having as3 support at least prepared.

so the short story is: it will still take a few week before i'll release the beta.

the long story is:

you can try the as2 beta on your own risk so long and will lose your settings after upgrading to the new version. download it here:  http://www.nesium.com/blog/flashmate/FlashMate.zip

the workflow is:
1. open up a textmate project or create one
2. right click on the main class of your flash application in textmates files drawer. choose FlashMate > Use " yourclass.as" as main class
3. FlashMate opens and shows the compiler settings panel
4. adjust your compiler settings in there (call main method, etc.)
5. either right-click on an existing swf file to choose it as the SWF target file or go to the export panel (the one with the folder icon) and select your SWF from the magnifier icon
6. repeat this step with the html where the swf will reside in (the term "template" is irritating in the contextmenu, i know)
7. adjust version and size in the movie panel (the screen icon) if needed and you're set
8. click compile

this sound perhaps a bit bulky, bit this procedure usually takes just a few seconds.


some news and plans for the new version: 
- i have a fileformat where you can specify parameters which are presented via controls in a table (see screenshot attached). this should make supporting as3 as easy as write that file (a plist) and a class which can take care of that parameters and hand them to the compiler. i hope that'll apply to AIR applications too (i was so brave to add a button for that already =)).
- nothing is saved right now, which is kind of a tricky part, since i found no way to modify the textmate project file in the right time and have much more data than in the old version, where i simply saved the configuration with the shell vars of the tm project
- after that i want to have different build configurations badly. say deployment and development, where development e.g. has no trace output or different paths
- then putting all together (this will eat up some time!), testing, and releasing a beta
- improving the trace message format
- adding support for running script before and afterwards compiling (after puzzling them together via a gui?), such as copy, upload to ftp and so on.
- improving trace speed
(- taking a look at lexers to support a better code completion ;-P)

phew, i hope i can bear with that.

so thanks for your patience and your interest!