On Feb 9, 2007, at 7:56 AM, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:
On Feb 9, 2007, at 5:59 AM, Michael Sheets wrote:
Need to avoid committing small bundles like this, if the command and such are generally helpful we should just make them part of the main Javascript bundle. There are bundles that don't do this, but this is where we should head. ;)

Has Andrew given permission for them to be added?

As for the command themselves, I'll let someone that knows something about javascript respond. ;)

I wouldn't call a 4MB bundle small ;). I agree though that 5 js code cleanup commands do not qualify for a bundle of their own, but perhaps we would consider adding some of them to the javascript bundle.

This bundle seems to contain jsl binaries for intel and mac separately, so to begin with I would like to see a universal binary there. Second of all, I am not entirely sure that we can include the jsl binaries at all, we would need to check the licenses first. It might make more sense perhaps for the commands to expect the system to have jsl installed, and to prompt their user to appropriate links where they can get jsl.

Also, if all of those are doing code cleanup, perhaps we really only need one or at most two of them, instead of five new commands? Not being a js expert and not having read in detail what each of the commands does, I can't really comment on it. Perhaps some of our js experts can comment on the tools in this bundle.

There also seems to be a hefty custom_rhino.jar file, which I don't know much about.

So to summarize, this bundle has first of all perhaps too many commands, so I'd like to first know whether they are all needed before cluttering the bundle menus further, or whether we can think about the use cases and decide which of there are really the most useful ones or something like that. I would expect the "code cleanup" command to be a single command for each language.
Second, this bundle includes a lot of binaries and code from other people/organizations, so I'd like to make sure we have permissions from all relevant parties (starting from the bundle's author) before/if we include all this in the repository. In some of these files, I even had a hard time finding the licensing information.


This bundle is quite hot.
We certainly can't add it to the official repo asis however.
I'd like to see what it'll take to add most of it to the official repo though.

Maybe we could just have a setup command that grabs all the necessary files from somewhere and installs them in the right places for you.
If we can get the licenses to distribute all this stuff I think it's totally worth adding to the official Javascript bundle.

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