AFAIK (after checking my own code), the actual php tags (<?php ... ?>) don't fold in Textmate.

The only other part here that doesn't fold for me, which should, is the head and title, and that's because the close </title> tag is misspelt.

On Oct 21, 2007, at 3:13 PM, pmsquillace wrote:



    <title>Hello World</tile>



This page is my first Hello World php Script.<br><br>


    echo "Hello World! This is PHP <br><br>" ; 

    print "Hello World! This is PHP again with the function print <br><br>"


    echo "Hello" . " World! This is PHP concatenated together with a .

<br><br>" ; 

    echo 2+3;




echo "Johnny will come marching home, today" ;