I have ticked for Normal release.

Today  I’ve got an update to version 2.0.23

Infortunately I couldn’t install.
Looked for the file in the downloadmap, but it wasn’t there. I wonder where to find.

Best regards,

Staf Campforts
Hemeldonk 9
B-2275 Gierle Belgium
mob; +32 (0)497 47 07 82
email: sc@anitafleerackers.be

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Op 13 okt. 2021, om 20:43 heeft Allan Odgaard via TextMate <textmate@lists.macromates.com> het volgende geschreven:

On 13 Oct 2021, at 20:36, Martin Wilhelm Leidig via TextMate wrote:

Having ticked “Watch for Prereleases” for months now I still get download alerts for 2.0.21.  What am I doing wrong?

My bad, I had put this out as a regular release, without updating the prerelease and nightly channels as well.

It is now available via all 3 channels.
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