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using TM2 as a (La)TeX editor most of the time, I’d like to add a few typesetting engines.

TeXShop holds its engines in ~/Library/TeXShop/Engines.  When using TeXShop to typeset on Cmd-R (I made a script for that) it uses these which is quite convenient as I modified some of them and added others to reflect the way I work.

Could I use these via the “%!TEX TS-program =” attribution line when running TeX the “normal” TM2 way, probably with some adjustments?

I do not think that is currently possible. Using something other than the usual arguments, such as `xelatex` or `pdflatex`, after `%!TEX TS-program =` will (most) probably not work.

Is there a directory where TM2 stores its engines so that I could create more?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is also no (as far as I know). Depending on your needs maybe you could recreate your TeXShop setup using a Makefile. Another option might be using [LaTeXMK](https://ctan.org/pkg/latexmk) together with custom code contained in `.latexmkrc` file.

Thanks for any helpful advice!

Sorry for the late response. Hope my answer was at least a little bit helpful.


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