The solutions I've found piggy backed on the scope selectors in TextMate. This has the side effect of the guides not being visible on lines with no whitespace.

Here's a stack overflow question in which I describe how to get this working

I was even maintainting a fork that had a rudimentary fold guide support, it worked the same as the above just a little prettier. It worked by adding a new font state, as in bold and italic, and drawing a vertical line at the beginning of the fold-guide scope selector. Unfortunately they broke in a recent build and I've not fixed it (yet). Should anyone wish to carry the torch, the commit that actually made it work (while it worked) was 

I asked Allen once if he'd pull it in to the main branch, he felt it would need to be a setting, unfortunately its not something I've been able to do.


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I agree that it would be a useful addition to Textmate. To some extent,
having fold guide lines would also alleviate the issue I ponted out in a
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