I believe that this is what you want:


(In particular the description of the characterClass property).  You should be able to override these settings in your own source bundle, and probably in your PHP bundle.

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I don't see the advantage of including the $ when selecting a variable. Yes
sometimes it is very handy to include the $ but other times it is a complete
nuisance, especially when creating associative arrays from from pasting a
variables name. I guess the perfect solution is pressing shift, double click
to include the $ or something along those lines.

My copy of TM2 includes the $ and I really want it to behave like TM1 in
this respect. Does anyone know how to make it NOT include the $ when double
clicking a variable?


Gerd Knops-2 wrote:
> Hi,
> TM2 still appears to have the same troublesome selection behavior TM1 has.
> As an example take this line in Perl:
>       die("$self failed to implement ".(caller(0))[3]);
> Ideally I could select '$self' by double-clicking. For that to work I
> would need to tell TM2 that $ is a word character in Perl, per grammar
> word character definitions are needed. (That may be there already, but I
> can't find it being mentioned anywhere.)
> Now double-clicking on 'self' and moving the mouse to the left to add the
> '$' doesn't work because it adds '("$'. TM2 should treat non-word
> characters as individual characters instead of grouping them together into
> a "word" when extending a selection that started with a double-click.
> Similarly it is impossible to select 'caller(0)' by double-clicking
> 'caller' and extending to the right, instead one ends up with
> 'caller(0))['.
> Gerd
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