That was silly.

I had installed at some point, but wasn't using it.

After disabling TabMate, TextMate started remembering my tab preferences again.  :)

On Thu 2009-03-05, at 13:51, Allan Odgaard wrote:

On 24 Feb 2009, at 23:54, Matthew Scott wrote:

Using the reStructuredText bundle, I keep running into a problem  
with TextMate "forgetting" the soft tabs settings I apply to  
the .rst file extension.

It doesn't seem to be doing this for other file types.  Very  
frustrating!  I'd gotten used to the habit of letting TextMate  
remember my soft tab settings; now I seem to be getting into a  
defensive habit of double-checking soft tab settings -- not exactly  
an experience I enjoy having spent money for.  :)

Well, clearly something is wrong. Try quit TextMate then run:

    defaults delete com.macromates.textmate OakTextViewScopedSoftTabs

To “start over” and see if that fixes it. E.g. it might be that  
something bad got into this data structure that somehow prevents  
TextMate from properly updateing it.

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