Thanks for the ⇧⌘F tip never seen it.
Weirdly, if the find window is closed, ⇧⌘F opens with the users directory as the search scope. 
But if the find window is open, but not front most, ⇧⌘F opens with previous directory as the search scope. 
And if it’s already open, then ⇧⌘F sets the scope to ~ ...

The behavior of searches that are stale is another issue: clicking on them often also does nothing after an edit has been made.

best, tim

On Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 7:17 AM Rob McBroom <> wrote:
However, there is a strange issue when you are working with multiple projects open.
1. Bring project1 to the front.  Press ⇧⌘F  and search in that project.  The search window will have a list of matches in project1.
2. Bring project2 to the front (perhaps to make a quick edit).
3. Press ⇧⌘F to bring the search window to the front again.  Click on one of the matches that are still in the search window from before.
4. The file with the match is opened as a tab in project2 rather than project1.