On 10/25/07, Christoph Eyrich <ceyrich@gmx.net> wrote:

On Oct 25, 2007, at 6:50 PM, Brad Miller wrote:

> Unfortunately I get the behavior you describe as correct.  With the
> keep log window open option checked, Skim is raised to the front
> most position after a successful typesetting run.

i noticed that it works this way the first time i run 'typeset &
view' on a new document. with each subseqent run, the log window
keeps its front position.

> I'm certainly no Applescript expert so its possible that something
> subtle has escaped my attention.

neither am i. unfortunately, i have no idea if this is a simple
configuration problem of my system or something more basic. but it's
a relatively recent one.

> What version of Skim do you have?

Version 0.9.3 (v15)

> What about OS X?

10.4.10 (intel) (this might change on saturday :-)

Well we appear to be using the same version of things, although with luck I'll change OS's tomorrow.

The last meesage in the Typeset & View window should be something like:
Telling Skim to Refresh  "filename.pdf"

Do you see that message even when Skim does not come all the way forward?



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