On 16 Nov 2019, at 22:16, Timothy Bates wrote:

Opened a file from an email attachment

On save from textmate, I get this error:

The document “BadFactorScoresExample.R” could not be saved.

Apple Mail saves attachments in a Mail Downloads folder that appears to be setup not to be writable (by other applications?).

It’s unclear to me how exactly it is setup, because the classic file mode flags do allow writing, but try command-click the proxy icon, and the folders are badged with a minus symbol:

This could be by design, because really, only Mail should control those folders.

That said, you can disable atomic saving for all but remote volumes by putting this in ~/.tm_properties:

atomicSave = remoteVolumes

This will make it work because TextMate then doesn’t write a new file, but opens the existing file for (over)writing.

I’m considering making this the default, because with the loss of exchangedata (when we moved to APFS) I think there are now too many downsides to atomic saving to make it the default :(