Just thinking out loud here:

What about that thing some editors do where they put a new tip on new documents? Anything to improve discoverability of these sorts of features.

That sort of thing would require an extra layer of rendering for documents, right? Maybe if that feature were added it could be used for other features, like (although I'm not personally a fan of this) how other editors can show you the blame for current line on the line?


On 15 May 2020, at 6:49, Timothy Bates wrote:

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On 27 Aug 2019, at 18:54, Tim Bates wrote:

Nice to see Touch Bar improvements: Thank you!

All work regarding this is done by Ronald Wampler. Personally I do not yet have a machine with touch bar (I know there is a simulator, but on the list of things to work on, I’m afraid touch bar is pretty low).

If so, it would be helpful when the Find window is frontmost, to have
1. A touch icon for the "regex" check box (what is the short cut for that?)

Shortcut for toggling regular expression is ⌥⌘R.
FYI the shortcuts are listed in the Edit → Find → Find Options submenu, although probably not easy to discover.

Adding tooltips to the find dialog and elsewhere would fix this and make like much easier for many users like me who haven’t discovered these.


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