Well alright. Thanks for the reply.

For now I just jump between different editors. TextMate is working well for my writing, where things like code completion isn't as valuable.


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On 21 Nov 2015, at 19:58, Nathan wrote:

[…] The result is that fmt. [option+esc] [p] and pressing [Enter] gives me:


rather than the desired:


I'm not really sure why it's done this way? Are there situations where
people want their filtering keys over the text present in the menu?

This is a technical limitation of the dialog plug-in.

Right now, it can only insert new text, not change existing text.

So whatever the user typed (which is used as filter string), it leaves in the document, which does make the case-insensitive mode a bit useless when it’s only meant for the filter string.

While I'm talking about code completion, and to drive the point home, I
noticed that TMDIncrementalPopUpMenu uses a BEGINSWITH predicate. Ideally
it would use a fuzzy match with similar logic to Go To File... That would
allow typing something like:

This runs into the same limitation that the filter string is actually typed into the document and the dialog plug-in cannot change that.

In theory we could of course improve things, but it’s a non-trivial change.

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