Another two cents:  If you're going to add a snippet/command/whatever to make it easier to include swfs in your HTML, then you might want to look into using something like SWFObject (  For one, it's just much easier to deal with than the traditional <object>/<embed> tags.  For two, it has nice benefits like allowing some SEO-friendly content to live on the page and built-in version detection and expressInstall.  And for the big one, it side-steps the ActiveX issue from the update forced out of the EOLAS patent lawsuit, which, if you haven't seen it, deactivates your Flash content in IE until you click on it, meanwhile sticking a big ugly border around it.  The way around it to use an external JS file to write your <object> tags to the page...which is exactly how SWFObject works.

Anyway, whether it's on an individual-by-individual basis, or if Allan can actually roll it into an official release (I know SWFObject is freely available, but I'd be surprised if product-endorsement is going to fly), I'd highly recommend using SWFObject over using actual <object> tags.


On 6/28/06, Charilaos Skiadas <> wrote:
On Jun 29, 2006, at 12:39 AM, Sean Schertell wrote:

> Thanks again Allan for your helpful response.  My 2 cents: Since
> *lots* of folks use TM for web development, I hope you'll consider
> adding those fancy commands you shared with me into the default
> HTML bundle that ships with TM.

Might I suggest having it as a separate bundle, perhaps called
"WebDev" or something?

> Cheers,
> Sean


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