Objective-C -> Documentation for word / selection 

hasn't been working in my SnowLeopard for I don't know how long.  Finally I have digging into it and founded (thanks to an old PPC Leopard installation) that the problem is in


where there is an old and stupid reference to a

RMAN_1='/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/Plug-ins/DocViewerPlugIn.xcplugin/Contents/Resources/rman'

where currently Apple is not calling .xcplugin those plugins anymore, but, .pbplugin.

Since I don't know how the TextMate update policy is going, I have added an alias

ln -s DocViewerPlugIn.pbplugin DocViewerPlugIn.xcplugin


/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/Plug-ins/

I hope this will help someone.

- juan falgueras